Dune Cup

The Dune Cup was designed in a flurry of weekend activity for the 'Design A Cup' Competition, a fun little brief that asked for designs suited to rotational moulding.

Dune is inspired by the form of sand in the desert - a place created by the absence of water - as a reminder with each sip of our most precious commodity. The contoured shape encourages the crest of the cup to rest between the fingers, with the palm wrapped around the widest part of the cup to ensure a firm grasp. The inclined cut at the top of the cup forms a subtle spout from which to sip, and reinforces the asymmetric form of the cup.

Check out this article on howwecreate.com listing 'Dune' among the top 10 entries, and find out more about the competition.

Concept Image
Front and Back Elevations
Plan and Profile Diagrams