GRADIENT incorporates a range of bathroom amenities into one compact unit, comprising a bathroom shelf, tapware system, splashback, inclined basin, and recessed storage nook.

Inspired by water’s ability to carve out negative space from once-solid objects, GRADIENT subtracts rectilinear shapes from a starting cube to arrive at its final form. The process of carving out space creates an outer shell and inner core that enables the default colour configuration of dark, weathered exterior and light, exposed interior. The action of the water within GRADIENT recalls a waterfall.

GRADIENT is made of CNC milled Corian, and can be manufactured in a range of different colour options. The colours of the exterior “shell” and interior “core” can be customised to suit a range of bathroom interiors (see pg 4). Mitred edges to the Corian at the unit’s faces lend GRADIENT a seamless overall aesthetic.

GRADIENT is a no-touch hygiene system. Lines of intricate jets on the underside of the unit’s shelf allows a ‘gradient’ of water temperatures, dependent on the position of a user’s hands and the unit’s settings. Sensors on the underside of the shelf detect the presence and location of a user’s hands and signal to an in-built controller to trigger the water jets. Once a user places his or her hands below the left-hand side of the shelf, hot water flows from the overhead jets. Similarly, placing hands to the right-hand side of the unit releases cold water, while the middle of the unit mixes the two. The unit’s sensitivity to hand position and temperature range can be pre-set for safety.

The technology built into GRADIENT includes an LED strip to illuminate the splashback and act as a feature light; motion sensors to detect users’ hands beneath the jets; and water jets to create a waterfall-like effect to the tapware. A narrow slot drain picks up greywater from a central point and drains away to mains waste. All elements of GRADIENT are embedded within linear slots in its Corian shell, and a computerised controller sits within the shell proper, receiving inputs from the sensors and controlling water output. The unit is fully self-contained, requiring only hot / cold water inputs, a piped drainage output and an electrical connecton when installed.