Newton's Platter

A 3-fruit polished stainless steel platter that doubles as temporary receptacle for compostable fruit scraps.

Drawing conceptual inspiration from the apple falling on Newton’s head, the single steel surface recalls the earth. The platter’s depressions from the fruit form its three points of support. The form of this fruit platter derives from indentations caused by 3 fruit pieces falling on an originally flat, polished stainless steel surface.

These depressions demand to be filled, presenting a reminder to the busy office executive to eat a minimum of three pieces of fruit while at work. The platter is a modular A4 footprint, with dimensions that allow it to be easily accommodated in an office environment. Pressed and polished stainless steel is the sole material required in the manufacture of the platter, making it easy to clean and maintain while imparting a high quality aesthetic.

The form of the platter minimises fruit bruising by spacing out its contents. After the fruit has been eaten, the individual depressions receive the leftover peels and cores. The organic waste is separated from other recyclable office waste, ready to be centrally collected and composted.

Newton's Platter Profile View
Newton's Platter Concept Diagram
Newton's Platter Aerial View