AR & Real-time Data

This video shows an Augmented Reality Map of University College London developed by students of the 'Masters in Advanced Spatial Analysis and Visualisation' programme at CASA (The Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis). The app augments a traditional 2D map, making previously hidden data both visible and audible. The app draws on real-time data feeds-  from live transport routes, to geo-located twitter tweets- to provide a sense of this  ‘living’ campus; and helps users to understand these intangible components that make up the place.

As the Head of Department of CASA notes in his keynote ‘Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM,’ operating beyond the traditional silos of knowledge will be key for the next generation of Urban Environment professionals. Developing a combination of skills- from computer coding, to app creation, to fluency with GIS and BIM systems- that currently lie outside of industry’s  job descriptions, will enable new ways of design thinking that consider alternate elements that make up place.

UCLive - Demo
Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM: Keynote lecture by Dr Andy Hudson-Smith
Posted 12 September 2013
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