AR Tools - Design Visualisation

There are a few AR tools on the market for architectural Design Visualisation. Below are a few demo videos by different companies and research institutes that demonstrate the uses of AR for real-time design visualisation of buildings on their sites. Please note that I am not affiliated with these companies or research institutions in any way.

A few Software Development Kits (SDKs) suitable for architectural design visualisation by key AR developers are:

- Vuforia, by Qualcomm
- Metaio SDK, by Metaio
- ARmedia, by Inglobe Technologies
- ARToolworks
- Layar SDK, by Layar
- DFusion Studio, by Total Immersion
- String, by String Labs Ltd
- DART, by GeorgiaTech GVU

I’ve also come across this great list of AR SDKs (which eclipses my brief summary list) for anyone interested in building an AR application. If you know of any other products, please contact me so that I can add to this list.

The videos posted below are by:
- VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
- InglobeMedia
- Artefacto (UrbaSEE)

Mobile AR Visualisation of Tower Plans in Helsinki City
ARmedia Geo-located Augmented Reality Player
Urbasee Future Application by Artefacto
Posted 05 April 2013
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