Sunsong Trees

A Sunsong Tree is a design concept for a self-powered urban music lounge.

Each tree has Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels at its canopy, and uses solar energy to power an integrated sound system.
The public can connect their mobile phones and music devices using Bluetooth to play their own music while relaxing at the tree's base.
Inspired by photosynthesis, each tree is energy self-sufficient. While the overhead BIPV canopy provides the power, the tree's trunk is the source of sound. The Sunsong's energy is drawn directly from the sun, with excess stored within batteries at the tree's base. The naterial of the tree trunk is excited by audio signals played through multiducer drive units, located within the tree's structure. The result is that the tree trunk- literally - is the sound system's 'speaker'.
By day, a Sunsong Tree provides urban seating and dappled shade from the sun. By night, stored solar energy powers LED lights within the tree's canopy, allowing each BIPV panel to softly glow.
Sunsong Tree By Day
Sunsong Trees By Night